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LoanPro is based online, which means that by default users can log in to the software from any location as long as they have internet access. However, you may not want every user in your company to have access to the software from any location.

For this purpose, LoanPro gives you the option to restrict access to the software by IP address. You can create sets of whitelisted or blacklisted IPs, and then assign those sets to specific agent users. This article will cover both how to create and assign IP restrictions.

IPs, Whitelists, and Blacklists

Let's start with a quick run down of what IPs are in general. Computers connect to the internet through a network, like your home Wi-Fi or the internet at your office. Each of those networks has an Internet Protocol (IP) address, a unique number that identifies where you're connecting to the internet from.

When you use the internet, all the websites you visit can see your IP address. They can use that IP restrict who has access to their website. You can almost think of the website like a club with a bouncer. When a IP whitelist is in place, the bouncer only lets you in if you have an invite. When the website uses a blacklist, it's like the bouncer will let most people in, but there are some photos printed on the wall of people who are banned from entering.

How To Create an IP Restriction Set

To create a new IP restriction set, navigate to Settings > Company > IP Restrictions inside your company account.

This page lists all of your restrictions sets, the IPs they contain, and whether they are active.

Create a Subset

Clicking "Add Subset" or the edit button next to an existing set will let you edit the name, select a type, and toggle whether it's active.

In the "Type" field, you'll choose whether this will be a whitelist or blacklist. A whitelist set will restrict assigned users so they can only access the software from the listed IP addresses. A blacklist set will restrict assigned users so they cannot access the software from the listed IP addresses. With the set info in place, click "Save".

Add an IP

Once you have your IP restriction set, you can add addresses to it. To add an IP address to the set, click the plus icon to the right of the set.

Enter the IP address into the IP Address field. Clicking the target button on the right will autofill the IP address you're currently using. Click save, and repeat this step as for as many IP addresses you'd like to add to the set.

The IP address must be entered in as an IPv4 format.

How To Assign an IP Restriction Set

Once you’ve created an IP restriction set, you need to assign it to the agent users who it will restrict. To assign an IP restriction set, navigate to Users > Agent Users inside your company account.

Click the name of a user you want to assign the IP restriction set to. On the Profile & Access tab, click "Edit".

Scroll down and you will see the IP Restriction user setting. From the IP Restrictions drop-down, choose the IP restriction set you want to assign to the user. Once you click save, you're done.

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