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Importing data using data fields is one of the import functions of the Secure Payments (formerly PCI Wallet) API.

How To

To get information regarding all of the import files in Secure Payments, send a GET request to the endpoint: import/all

Sample Request:

curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'secret: your-secret' --header 'authorization: your-token' ''


"id": 1,
"import_key": "",
"verify_key": "credit-card-import-1459549632504.csv",
"source_key": "import-source-credit-card-1459549631771.csv",
"imported": false,
"verified": false,
"created": "2016-4-01 22:27:12",
"updated": "2016-4-01 22:27:12"
"id": 2,
"import_key": "credit-card-import-1459549992528.csv",
"verify_key": "credit-card-import-verify-1459549734455.csv",
"source_key": "import-source-credit-card-1459549733689.csv",
"imported": true,
"verified": true,
"created": "2016-4-01 22:28:54",
"updated": "2016-4-01 22:33:12"

In the response above, two import files were submitted. The one with id 1 was a credit card import (note the verify_key name) but it didn’t verify correctly (verified =  false). The one with id 2 did verify correctly and was later submitted for import, which it completed successfully also.

Once a file is imported, its imported is set to true and the import_key contains a non empty string.

Imports can be searched by name, status and date range (see  Search).

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