LoanPro Release Process


Once each quarter, LoanPro releases an update of our code. This update can potentially affect customers that integrate with our API and those who have a dedicated database server. In this article, we will cover the basic release process.

New Features

The decision to add a new feature is made by a committee of managers and directors from different business departments. We weigh the benefits and costs of the feature and prioritize it in relation to the other features we could potentially develop. Once a new feature has been approved by the business committee, a complete specification for the feature is created. The specification gives information like the need, use case, and exact functionality.

Once the specification is done, it will be included in the programming team evaluation of all the features that are ready for development. They will decide which future development cycle the feature will be included in.

Feature Completion

When a feature is completed, it will be added to our internal testing environment. Automated and manual tests are completed and bugs are reported and fixed.

Sprint Completion

When all new feature development for a specific development cycle (we call this a sprint) is completed, We freeze development for new features and work on bug fixes and testing.


Two weeks before releasing the new code, all updates will be pushed to a staging environment. This environment lets customers test new features and code changes against their existing processes and integrations. A staging tenant is created for each company that requests it, to use for testing. Once the tenant is created, we run extract, transform, load (ETL) code that copies the configuration data from the company's primary tenant to the staging tenant. Over this two-week period, we work closely with companies to answer questions and make sure things are working as expected.

During the staging period, we also conduct our own internal testing on the staging environment.


At the end of the staging period, the live LoanPro environment is updated with the new code. The live LoanPro environment is updated during non-business hours and generally takes about thirty minutes to update. While the system is being updated, the following page will be displayed:

While the system is being updated, the customer facing website will also be inaccessible.

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