Stoplights are designed to give you an idea of the overall “health” of an account at a glance. You can either manually assign a stoplight to an account or you can configure the system so it will assign a stoplight based on your company rules.

How To

To manually assign a stoplight to an account, simply click the stoplight in the loan header. This will bring up a popover. Now click the stoplight color you want to assign to the account.

Setting the system to automatically manage your stoplights is not as simple, but you will only have to do it once. To set up rules for automatic stoplights, navigate to Settings > Loan > Alerts > Stoplight inside your company account.

Here you can choose whether the automatic assignment of stoplights should be active or inactive for your company. If you click the options button, you have the ability to "Force Rule". This will reset and re-evaluate the rule across all activated loan accounts. You also have the options to "Edit" the stoplight, or "Delete" the stoplight.

To create a new stoplight, click at the top right of the screen. This is where you can create rules that will determine when stoplights on your customer accounts will change. 

Click the stoplight color that account stoplights will change to if they meet the conditions of this rule. Enter a computation rule into the field provided.  You can also click  to load a rule that has already been created. Use variables in your rules so that the account data will be unique to the account for which the rule is evaluated.

Once you have entered your rule, click 'Save' to save the rule. You can create as many stoplight rules as you want. There may be a situation where you have two conflicting rules, so you will need to assign a priority to the rules to tell the system which one takes precedence.

You can use the up arrow and down arrow to re-order the rules. Rules with lower numbers will have a higher priority than the rules below them.

Once you’ve created and ordered your rules, you are done. If the toggle switch at the top of this section is set to Active, the system will assign stoplight colors based on your rules.

You can view a history of stoplights both for single accounts and for multiple accounts in the Historical Archive and the Historical Loan Archive report. To view the Historical Archive for a single account, navigate to Reports > Historical Archive > Historical Archive inside that account.

To view the Historical Loan Archive Report, Navigate to Reports > Administration > Historical Loan Archive inside your company account.

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