Wizard Roles


Wizard roles are roles that can be assigned when using a specific wizard. A role defines what a user can see and do inside of LoanPro. Roles are assigned to agent users. Wizard roles supersede the role assigned to an agent, but only while the agent is using a process wizard.

Creating a Wizard Role

Any role can be assigned to a wizard as a wizard role. Therefore, creating a wizard role is exactly the same as creating a standard role. It is important to note that when you create a wizard role, the more specific you are when granting access, the more specific the wizard experience will be. For example, if you want to show the Action & Results page within a wizard, you will need to grant access to the Actions and Results section in the Notes tab inside of a loan.

These wizard role access settings would allow the user to see the Actions and Results section if the Actions and Results section is a step in the wizard that the role has been assigned to. 

If you grant access to more than just the Actions and Results item under notes, the wizard will still only display the Action and Results tab within an Action and Results step.

If you would like for the individual using the wizard to only be able to see specific buttons while using the wizard, this may be accomplished with the wizard role access settings as well.

In the example above, the agent using the wizard would have access to every button in the Action and Results section except the export button

Note that these access settings adjustments are available for many sections within LoanPro, not just the Actions and Results as shown in the example above.

Assigning a Wizard

To assign a role to a wizard, when creating a wizard, choose the role from the Role drop-down.

When you save the wizard, the role will be assigned.

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