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New Feature Update: In a recent release, we added the ability to save multiple collateral items to a single loan. With that, we've also added new context engine variables that pull data for specific collateral items based on their position ID. When running a custom query report, you can use those variables to specify which collateral item you want use.


The custom query was designed to let you export values from LoanPro. The custom query lets you export present static values and calculated numbers. This report does not let you export historical data.

How To

To run a custom query report, navigate to Reports > Administration > Custom Query inside your company account.

There are three steps involved in generating a custom query:

  1. Choose the information you want to export.
  2. Filter the accounts from which data will be pulled.
  3. Run the report.

To choose what data to add to the custom query, use the Search by keyword field to easily find values. Click the plus icon to the left of the value to add it to the custom query. You can also expand any of the sections of the variable tree by clicking to the left of any of the sections to navigate and find variables.

Computation fields are only intended for use in the UI, not reports or other processes that pull these fields. We recommend avoiding pulling a report with any volume over 1000 records and/or multiple computation fields selected. If that number is exceeded, the report may take longer than the 24-hour time period that's allotted to generate the report; it will automatically be deleted before it's even finished.

Once you have chosen the variables you want to include in your report, choose any filters you want to apply so that you get the data only for specific accounts. Use the advanced option search to filter your accounts.

Finally, click the magnifying glass icon next to the search bar to run the report.

There is a limit of 250,000 results per custom query. If your report criteria will yield more than the limit, when generating the report you will see a message saying, Unable to generate report, the number of results exceeds the 250000 limit, please add more filters to your search.

Saved Queries

If you run a specific query on a regular basis, you can save the query by choosing 'Save This Search' from the Report Search Options drop-down.

You can choose to load any of your saved searches by choosing them from the bottom of this drop-down. You can also edit your saved searches by choosing Edit Saved Searches from the options in the Report Search Options drop-down.

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