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LoanPro lets you create custom fields so you can track things that LoanPro doesn’t track natively.  You have the ability to create customer custom fields for either the Customer Info section, or the Employer section. This article will go over creating a new customer custom field for the Customer Info section, however, the process is the same for adding a custom field to the Employer section just select ‘Employer’ on the customer fields instead of ‘Customer Info’.

How To

To create a new customer custom field, navigate to Settings > Customer > Custom Fields > Customer Fields inside your company account.

Click Add.

The following options are available when setting up a customer custom field:

  • Active – Choose whether the field is displayed in the customer file.
  • Field Name – The name of the custom field.  This name should distinguish this field from others you might create.
  • Required – Choose whether the field needs to have a value in order to save the customer information.
  • Field type – Specify the type of data the field should hold.  The options are: Associated Company, Checkbox, Currency Date, Date Time, Number, Percentage, Phone, Select, Text (maximum length 255 characters), Time, and Web URL.
  • Default Value – The value this field will default to when a new customer is created.
  • Searchable – This option is only available if “Field type” is phone or text.  Choose whether you can search for customers in the customer manager by the value entered in this field.
  • Max length (characters) – The number of characters that can be entered into this field.  This option is only present if the “Field type” is Text or Web URL.
  • Include in credit report – Choose whether the field value should be included in exported credit report data in your company’s account.
  • Display in customer info Popover – Choose to display the value from this field in the customer popover, which is accessible in the header of each customer account.
  • Configure Select Options – This option is only shown if “Field type” is set to “Select”.  Here you can configure your select options.  See the How To Enter Selection Options section below.
  • Include as a Column Option in the Customer Manager – Choose whether this field should be available to be displayed as a column in the customer manager.

Once you have entered the configuration data for the field, click Save to save it.

How To Enter Selection Options

LoanPro provides a few templates for selections you might want, which you can access by clicking Preset Templates. These include:

  • Yes/No
  • Rent/Own/Live with relatives
  • US States

You can also enter any options you want. Each line you enter represents a single option. Enter the options in the following format:

id_1, value_1

id_2, value_2

So, if you want to enter a simple Yes/No selection, you would enter the options like this:

1, YES

2, NO

To enter options for your selection, click on the box.

Then enter the options into the box.

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