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This article explains how to fund a loan through the API. For more information regarding loan funding in general or the process in the UI, see Fund a Loan.

You can also try this request yourself on our ReadMe page—an interactive API documentation page which lists each of our requests.

How to Fund a Loan

To create a loan funding request, you will need to send a PUT request to the URL of the desired loan. For example, to create a loan funding request for the loan with the id 702, the URL would be as follows.

PUT  https://loanpro.simnang.com/api/public/api/1/odata.svc/Loans(702)

Request Body


Please note that loan funding requests update the loan, and need to have the “__id” and “__update” fields (see API – Updating Elements).

  • amount – The amount funded
  • date – The date it was funded
  • cashDrawerId – ID of the cash drawer to pull money out of
  • whoEntityType – Usually “Entity.Customer”
  • method – Funding method
  • authorizationType – See Loan Funding Collection
  • Country – See Loan Funding Collection
  • whoEntityId_customer – ID of the customer
  • whoEntityId – ID of the entity
  • selectedProcessor - ID of the processor through which the payment will be processed
  • paymentAccountId - The ID of the customer's bank account from which the payment will be processed.

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