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Customers and loans are separate inside of LoanPro. That means that you can create a loan in the software without a customer or a  customer without a loan. Usually, loans will have customers linked to them. This article will go over how to link a customer to a loan.

It is important to note that when you link a customer to a loan (this includes creating a new customer in a loan), that the customer will be automatically enrolled for access to the customer website if the defaults are set to grant access based on the loan status. Here is an article on Enrollment By Loan Status.

How To

There are essentially three ways to link a customer to a loan. The first is through the  import system. When you import a loan, you can include the ID of a customer that will be linked to the loan. You can also add a customer to a loan while the loan is being created inside the loan software. These two methods are covered in other articles. The third method is linking a customer to an existing loan.

To link a customer to an existing loan navigate to Loans > Loan Manager inside your company account. Search for the loan you want to link the borrower to. Once you’ve located the loan, navigate to Customer inside the loan. Click on the “Add/Manage” sub tab under the “Customer” tab.

To add a new customer, click .

This page will provide two options to add a new customer: "Add New Customer" and "Link Existing Customer". Use "Add New Customer" to enter information for a customer that doesn’t exist in the system, use "Link Existing Customer" to link a customer that has already been created.

Use the keyword search field to find customers you want.  Click the checkbox to choose the customer you want to link to the account.  Once you have selected the customer(s) you want to link, click  to save the customer.

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