Custom Forms Tool


The custom forms tool is designed to let you generate custom forms for several accounts at the same time.

How To

To generate custom forms for a group of accounts, you should first navigate to Loans > Loan Manager inside your company account and then search for the accounts for which you want to generate the custom form.

Once you have searched the Loan Manager for the accounts you want, use the Data Options drop-down to send those accounts to the custom forms tool.

Once you have made your selection, you will be taken to the Tools > Customer Communication > Custom Forms area of your account.

Use the radio buttons to the left of each form listing to choose which form you want to generate.  From the  drop-down choose either “Generate a large PDF including all loans” or “Generate an individual PDF for each loan.”  This will start the process of generating your custom forms.

Click the number to view generated forms.

Click  to download generated forms.

To view your custom form generation history, navigate to the History section of the Custom Forms tool.

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