Using LockBox Converter


The LockBox Converter takes lockbox files and converts them to LoanPro Payment Import files. This is useful if you have a lot of payments that are in lockbox files as it allows mass imports of payments. This article will cover how to install and use the LoanPro Lockbox Converter. If you want to setup the settings, see LockBox Converter Settings.

To install and use the LoanPro Lockbox Converter, you will need Windows and valid LoanPro credentials to login to use the LockBox converter. You do not need to be able to open loans, customers, settings, imports, etc inside of LoanPro.


To install the LockBox Converter, navigate to to download the installer. Once the installer is downloaded, run the installer. If Windows asks you if you want to run the installer, click “Yes.”

Once you start the installer, you will be presented with a license agreement. Read through the License Agreement, and then accept it to continue.

You will then be asked for user information. Go ahead and enter your name and organization – the Serial Number is not needed for most companies.

Click “Next” on the following two screens. Then, on “Additional Tasks” make sure you “Create a desktop shortcut” is selected. then click “Next”.

Finally, click “Install” to start the installation process. Once it’s done, click “Finish”.

Using the Converter

This section will cover how to use the converter. If the converter is not started already, go ahead and start it by double-clicking on the desktop icon. Once it is started, enter your LoanPro username and password in the fields provided.

Next, select the tenant you wish to use and then click “Select Tenant”(if applicable). Finally, you will be presented with the following screen:

Click on the “Convert File” button, and then select the lockbox file to convert.


Next, choose a location to save the CSV import file.

Click “Save” to save the CSV file. You can then import the CSV file into the LoanPro import system. If you want to convert more files, click “Convert File” and repeat steps from there.

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