API – Updating Entities


In the API, all updates are made via a PUT request. To update an item, follow the same steps as creating the item with a few additions:

  • In each LoanPro object, you must include the following two fields
    • __update – This must be set to “true”
    • __id – This must be the ID for the entity you want to update (do a GET request if needed to get the ID)

Example for updating a payment:

  "Payments": {
    "results": [
        "id": 936,
        "displayId": 3709,
        "payoffFlag": 0,
        "info": "Demo Update",
        "date": "2015-11-17",
        "priorcutoff": false,
        "amount": "60.19",
        "paymentMethodId": 19,
        "paymentTypeId": 4,
        "extra": "payment.extra.tx.principalonly",
        "active": 1,
        "payoffPayment": false,
        "quickPay": "",
        "comments": "test",
        "__logOnly": true,
        "__id": 936,
        "__update": true

Update Payment Profiles

We also have an article on Updating Payment Profiles in the API, which includes endpoints and request bodies.

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