Loan Summaries By Group


LoanPro’s Loan Manager shows summary data for the loans in your search.  Sometimes it’s useful to have summary data by portfoliosource company, or Status/Sub-Status. These grouping options are designed to make tracking loans in specific groups possible. This article will cover viewing and exporting summary data for these groups from the Loan Manager.

Generating Summary Data

To generate summary data for a loan portfoliosource company, Status/Sub-Status, or Delinquency Buckets, navigate to Loans > Loan Manager inside your company account. If you only want summary data for specific loans inside of each portfolio or source company, search for the loans for which you want to view data. Once you have your search results, select Portfolios, Source Companies, or Loan Status from the Loan Manager header.

You can download the summary numbers by clicking the down arrow at the top right of the data.

You also can choose to download the summary data either as a .csv or a .pdf.

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