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The Debit/Credit Card section of the Processors area of Secure Payments is where new credit/debit card processors should be created. Currently, Secure Payments is integrated with, TabaPay, and REPAY for credit/debit card processing. Navigate to Processors > Bank Card in order to find your specific card processor.

Image shows the Processors page within the Secure Payments UI. Across the top are tabs for three integrated processors,, TabaPay, and REPAY. The top right corner has the add button, a blue circle with a white plus sign.

Adding a New Processor

To add a new credit/debit card processor, select the specific processor (, TabaPay, or REPAY) and click the blue + icon in the top right.

Image shows the screen within Secure Payments where users add a new processor. There are several fields, and the save and cancel buttons are in the top right corner.

The following information should be entered for the processor:




This name should distinguish this processor from others you might create

API Login ID

Your API Login ID

Transaction Key

Your Transaction Key


If you choose “Yes”, your payments will be sent to the sandbox account instead of your live account.

Test Mode

If you choose “Yes”, your account will be set to test mode and your payments won’t actually be processed.

When you are done, click the blue save button in the top right corner, and the new processor will be saved.

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