Processors - Debit/Credit Card


The Debit/Credit Card section of the Processors area of Secure Payments (formerly PCI Wallet) is where new credit/debit card processors should be created. Currently, Secure Payments is integrated with, TabaPay, and REPAY for credit/debit card processing.

To add a new credit/debit card processor, select the specific processor (, TabaPay, or REPAY) and click .

The following information should be entered for the processor:

  • Processor name – This name should distinguish this processor from others you might create
  • API Login ID – Your API Login ID
  • Transaction Key – Your Transaction Key
  • Sandbox – If you choose “Yes”, your payments will be sent to the sandbox account instead of your live account
  • Test Mode – If you choose “Yes”, your account will be set to test mode and your payments won’t actually be processed

When you are done, click .

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