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LoanPro's products are robust, complex software suites. While we strive to make the software intuitive, we also recognize that questions are only natural, especially on new features. Our help materials, then, are a high priority. We try to document every aspect of the software (including the API and database), updating our documentation in step with the software itself.

Our documentation is divided between two main sites:

  • – Where you are now. This site has articles on all aspects of the software. These articles are meant to both explain the concepts in general and demonstrate how to use them.
  • – This site is devoted to API documentation. It goes into far greater depth than the other site, giving descriptive payloads and replies for every endpoint. Each endpoint also has a 'Try It' button linked to our demo API tenant so you can get real responses back from the system.


Our main documentation is found here at, where we have content on the UIs and APIs for all our products. Powered by HelpDocs, this site houses over a thousand articles, which you can either search for directly (using the main search bar at the top of the screen), or find through our folders. We've tried to make these folders intuitive, and line up with the layout of the UI. The LMS UI folder, for instance, contains subfolders for all the tabs at the top of the toolbar in the UI.

Article Complexity

Many of our articles are also categorized by their complexity: basic, intermediate, or advanced.

  • Basic articles give a top-level overview. They'll explain the concept in layman's terms and how it fits into the big picture.
  • Intermediate articles show you how to actually use the feature. You'll get screenshots and gifs showing where to click and what to do.
  • Advanced articles get into the weeds and explore the details of each feature. These might be edge cases, tenant-level settings, or anything else that goes beyond the scope of day-to-day operations.

Major Resources

Here's a few of the most useful articles and folders on the site:

  • LMS UI, Secure Payments UI, and Connections Folders – These three folders explain how to use LoanPro's three products.
  • LMS API and Secure Payments API Folders – A payload and instructions for each of the endpoints in our APIs. Most articles will also link to the corresponding UI article as well as the ReadMe page, discussed below.
  • Database Category – Here we have all of our database tables mapped out. The Database Tables article lists and links to an article for each individual table.
  • Glossary – Quick definitions of terms you'll see throughout the articles. This includes both general lending or software terminology as wells as terms we've invented for our software.
  • Delinquency Buckets – One of our most viewed articles. Delinquency buckets help track the number of missed payments on a loan.


Our second documentation site,, focuses on the APIs for LMS and Secure Payments. Like HelpDocs, ReadMe isn't a site we built from the ground up; it's a third-party documentation site that specializes in showcasing APIs.

Basic Navigation

In the top left corner, the version selection lets you switch between the LMS and Secure Payments APIs. Below, pages are listed for each individual endpoint, sorted into categorizes.

Once you've selected a page, you'll see a method and endpoint displayed near the top, just beneath the descriptive name of the request.

Scrolling down, you'll see instructions for the 'Try It' button and the fields to edit that payload. The Try It button itself is found on the right, just below the cURL request.

You can hit 'Try It' to get a live response from the values you entered, or just choose from the examples we've already added.

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