Mail House – Tracking Statuses

These are the tracking statuses shown on the Mail House – Tracking and History page.




The mail is in the queue ready for processing. Mail pieces can be individually canceled for 60 minutes after they enter the Pending status.


The mail was successfully canceled. These pieces were manually canceled by a user.

In Progress

The mail is being processed. It has not yet been sent to USPS.


The mail was unable to be processed by LMS.


The mail was unable to be processed by Connections or USPS.

Rendered PDF

The mail has been rendered and will be sent to USPS.


The mail has been printed and will be sent to USPS.


The mail has been sent to USPS.

In Transit

The mail is with USPS and is in transit to it's final destination.

In Local Area

The mail has made it to the local post office in the recipient's local area.

Returned to Sender

The mail was unable to be delivered and was returned to the sender.


The mail was rerouted to a different address at the receivers request.


The mail has been sent. (This is a legacy status that was kept so no data would be lost with the most recent update)

Processed for Delivery

The mail was received by USPS for delivery. This is the final status. Once this status is reached and remains for 24 hours, the mail has been successfully delivered.

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