The purpose of a charge-off is to designate a portion of a loan principal balance or earned but uncollected fees, interest, or escrow as uncollectible. A charge-off completes two tasks: first, it will move loan notes off your books; second, it will help you account for your losses and uncollected revenue.

If you do end up collecting some or all of a charged-off amount, you can log a recovery payment against the charged-off portion of an account. This will decrease an account’s charge-off balance.

In LoanPro, you can log either a credit or payment transaction, and then flag the transaction as a charge-off to charge off a portion of the loan.

Adding to Due Charge-Off Balance

To add a charge-off for any account, navigate to Servicing > Net Charge-Off > Adjustments in that account.

Here, you will see a list of all the payments and credits on the account. Click on the “Flag As Charge-Off” buttons to toggle whether these transactions will be considered charge-off transactions.

Charge-Off History

The History tab in the Net Charge-Off section will show you payments or credits that have been designated as charge-offs. Click the date for any of these to view more information about the transaction.

Recovery Payments

Recovery payments are payments that do not affect the loan balance in any way, but do affect the charge-off balance on the loan account. When a recovery payment is logged, it will directly reduce the net charge-off balance. Please note that the net charge-off balance is separate from the loan balance and is not interest bearing.

Recovery payments act much like normal payments in that they can be added, reversed, and edited. Additionally, at the time of logging a recovery payment, a payment profile can be used to allow the processing of the payment.

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