Create a Promise


The promise functionality in LoanPro is designed to help you keep track of what your customers tell you they will do. This information is then made available inside of each account and in aggregate in the promises report.

How To

To create a promise, first navigate to the specific loan you want to add the promise to. Within the loan, click Servicing > Promises in the navigation window on the left.

Click .

Enter the following information about the promise:

  • Subject – Enter the subject of the promise.
  • Due Date – Choose a due date for the promise either by entering a date directly into the field or by clicking      and selecting a date from the date picker.
  • Type – Choose the type of promise from the drop-down.
  • Note – Enter any additional information about the promise. You can format this information using the formatting options provided.

Click  to save the promise. You are done!

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