Net Charge-Off Rule Trigger


The net charge-off rule trigger section is designed to let you view and run manual evaluations on charge-off rules.

How To

You can create a rule application for charge-off by navigating to Settings > Loan > Rules Applied > Credits.

Click  .

The top section lets you enter basic information about the rule application.  The bottom section lets you enter information about the charge-off that will apply on accounts for which the rule evaluates to true.  In the top section, enter a name for the rule application in the Name field.

Use the toggle switches to determine whether the rule application should be active for existing loans (Add To Existing Loans), and/or new loans (Add To New Loans).  Choose whether the rule should be evaluated in real time (Evaluate In Real Time).  This means that when transactions are logged on the loan account, the rule evaluation will run.

Choose which credit type, amount, and credit category it should fall in. Make sure that Charge Off is toggled to Yes or it will not be applied as a charge off. You can also choose if the rule will reset days and amount past due. You can add information and choose a date of application.

To enter the rule that will determine if the charge-off should apply, click  Empty next to the Rule label.

Enter the rule into the field provided.  You can  use variables from the system to help create your rule.  You can validate the rule you entered by clicking  Validate this rule. This will check that your rule uses valid  Clojure syntax.

If you want to use a rule that has already been created for your company, click Load Existing Rule.

To add one of these rules, click Insert to the right of the rule.  Once you have created your rule, click  Save.

Once you have entered all the information for the rule application and the charge-off transaction, click   to save it.

Inside a Loan

You can view the rules inside each loan in the Rules Applied > Charge Off section.  You can also force a rule evaluation or, set the rule as inactive in the individual loan by clicking more_vert .

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