New Features


This article is simply a list of new features so you can see what is now available in the software.

New Features

The following columns have been added to the rule_applied_duedate_entity table:

  • due_date_modify
  • Due_date_base
  • The length of the parent_type field in the user_delivery table has been updated to 30 characters.
  • The loan_application_form_entity table has been added to accommodate templates for our new application feature.
  • The read_only column was added to the custom_form_section_entity table.
  • An index of the last updated field has been added for the system_note_entity and note_entity tables.
  • A new field, account_type, has been added to payment profiles in Secure Payments (formerly PCI Wallet). Possible values are “checking” and “savings”. This field is only necessary for bank accounts.
  • The following database views have been removed:
    • credit_breakdown_view
    • credit_report_view
    • due_to_date_view
    • first_loan_payment_transaction_view
    • history_funding_report_view
    • last_loan_payment_transaction_view
    • loan_collected_stats_view
    • loan_future_stats_view
    • loan_last_payment_view
    • loan_next_forecast_payment_view
    • loan_next_scheduled_payment_view
    • loan_past_stats_view
    • loan_status_archive_current_date_view
    • loan_tx_payment_view
    • loan_yearly_stats_view
    • payment_breakdown_view
    • total_advancements
    • Total_credits_view

API Additions

  • Secure Payments Iframe for editing bank accounts now includes the account_type field.
  • Customer-facing website passwords can now be updated using a POST request.
    • Endpoint: /api/1/tenants(TENANT_ID)/customers/reset-password
    • Payload: { “username”: “webuser” }

Significant Updates

  • Search Options Enhancements & Features
    • Bracket Value Equals Zero – The loan search can now be filtered by loans that have a bracket value (payoff, principal balance) that equals zero.
    • Search Restriction Setup – The search restriction setup interface has been updated.
  • Elasticsearch Speed Improvements & Version Update
    • We have upgraded to the latest version of Elasticsearch and done some optimization which will increase the speed of indexing for search. We now are operating on AWS ElasticSearch version 5.1
  • Recurring Charges Anomalies
    • Recurring charges have been cleaned up so that in a few unusual circumstances there will no longer be $0.00 charges posted on loans.
  • SQS Listener Speed Improvements & Enhancements
    • We spent time improving the speed of our SQS (simple queuing service) listeners so that jobs could be queued and executed more quickly.
    • The event notification, pdf create, and pdf merge workers have been added to Amazon’s Simple Queuing Service (SQS) as dedicated & threaded listeners.
  • User Permissions Read-Only Restriction Expansion
    • Notes/Alerts
    • Documents
    • Collateral Information (Including image upload)
    • Setup Terms (Including cancel modification and suspend payments)
    • Promises
    • Edit/Reverse Payments
    • When an agent user has been assigned to a read-only restriction group, this now includes the following functions:
  • Customer-Facing Website Upgrades
    • A few features have been added to the customer-facing website and some styling changes have been made.
    • A transaction listing has been added to the customer website.
    • Document upload has been enabled on the customer website.
  • Report Changes
    • Export of the Admin Stats – Admin stats inside a loan can now be exported to a .CSV file.
    • Payments Report Filter –  The payments report results can be filtered by whether payments are marked as charge-offs
    • Forecast Reports – Forecast reports, reports that give information about upcoming payments, have been added.
  • Duplicate Agent Role Creation tool
    • You can now choose existing agent roles to use as a starting point when creating a new agent user role.
  • Secure Payments Updates & Feature Upgrades
    • Secure Payments has been upgraded to work with the most recent version of VersaPay.
    • A new import is available in Secure Payments that will change transaction statuses in bulk.
    • Secure Payments Callback Support – We have enabled support for callback URLs in Secure Payments.
    • Base64 Encryption Addition – Base64 encryption and decryption have been added for sensitive payloads in Secure Payments.
  • Rules Applied Adjustments
    • New Rules-Applied Variables – The variables Next Due Date and Due Date After Next have been added to rules applied.
    • Rules Applied No Change Option – Custom fields in rules applied will now include an option of no change.
    • Rules Applied Custom Field Format – The formatting of custom fields that appear in rules applied has been updated to accommodate a larger number of custom fields.
  • UI Updates
    • Added Select All Option – It is now possible to select all the notifications when choosing which ones should show in the notification center and which ones should show as a popup.
    • The user interface has been upgraded inside of a loan. The mobile version has also been upgraded.
    • The agent user manager has been updated with a more modern user interface that should be easier to work with.
    • Added Savings Account Support to Payments – Payments can now be made directly using savings accounts, not just checking accounts.
  • Tool Enhancements
    • Collector Queue Redesign – The collector queue feature has been redesigned in the way it functions so it can handle even more loans.
  • User Interface Updates
    • Mailhouse Tool
    • A tool has been added that will let you automatically mail out forms. These forms will be printed, addressed, and sent through the US Postal Service. This is an Opt-in new service offered via Connections

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