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You can create a bankruptcy filing on a loan either in the UI, or through the API. This article explains the latter.

To create a bankruptcy filing on a loan, you will need to send a PUT request to the URL of the desired loan. For example, create a bankruptcy filing on the loan with the id 515, the URL would be https://loanpro.simnang.com/api/public/api/1/odata.svc/Loans(515).

Request Body

Below is an example of a payment request

"Bankruptcies": {
"results": [
"active": 1,
"automaticStayStatus": "",
"bankruptcyDistrict": null,
"caseNumber": "123",
"chapter": "loan.bankruptcyChapter.chapter7",
"city": null,
"closedReason": null,
"customerId": 281,
"dismissedDate": "YYYY-MM-DD",
"filingDate": "YYYY-MM-DD",
"id": 80,
"lienedPropertyStatus": "",
"loanId": 515,
"meetingOfCreditorsDate": "YYYY-MM-DD",
"noticeReceivedDate": "YYYY-MM-DD",
"objectionDeadlineDate": "YYYY-MM-DD",
"objectionStatus": "",
"petitionStatus": "loan.bankruptcyPetitionStatus.discharged",
"petitionType": "",
"processStatus": "",
"proofOfClaimDeadlineDate": "YYYY-MM-DD",
"proofOfClaimFiledDate": "YYYY-MM-DD",
"proofOfClaimFiledStatus": "",
"state": "geo.state.XX"
  • Active: If the filing is active or not (1 = active, 0 = not active). Note: Only 1 active bankruptcy is allowed per loan.
  • Automatic Stay Status: Status of the automatic stay if any. (loan.bankruptcyAutomaticStayStatus.courtApproved, loan.bankruptcyAutomaticStayStatus.enforced, loan.bankruptcyAutomaticStayStatus.pending)
  • Bankruptcy District: The district the filing is in
  • Case Number: The number of the filing case
  • Chapter: The specific bankruptcy chapter(loan.bankruptcyChapter.chapter7, loan.bankruptcyChapter.chapter9, loan.bankruptcyChapter.chapter11, loan.bankruptcyChapter.chapter12, loan.bankruptcyChapter.chapter13)
  • City: The city of the filing
  • Closed Reason: Reason the bankruptcy filing was/is closed.
  • Customer ID: ID of the customer associated to the loan/filing
  • Dismissed Date: Date if the filing has been dismissed
  • Filing Date: Date the bankruptcy is filed
  • ID: ID of the bankruptcy (needed for creating and updating existing filing)
  • Liened Property Status: Status of the liened property if any. (loan.bankruptcyLienedPropertyStatus.abandonmentByTrustee, loan.bankruptcyLienedPropertyStatus.dischargedInBankruptcy, loan.bankruptcyLienedPropertyStatus.reaffirmed)
  • Loan ID: ID of the associated loan.
  • Meeting of Creditors Date: Date the creditors meet.
  • Notice Received Date: Date the bankruptcy notice is recieved.
  • Objection Deadline Date: Due date of the objection
  • Objection Status: The status of the objection. (loan.bankruptcyObjectionStatus.claimFiled , loan.bankruptcyObjectionStatus.dischargeFiled , loan.bankruptcyObjectionStatus.dischargeOfDebtFiled , loan.bankruptcyObjectionStatus.notAvailable)
  • Petition Status: Status of the petition. (loan.bankruptcyPetitionStatus.discharged, loan.bankruptcyPetitionStatus.dismissed , loan.bankruptcyPetitionStatus.petitionFiled, loan.bankruptcyPetitionStatus.planConfirmed , loan.bankruptcyPetitionStatus.reaffirmed)
  • Petition Type: Type of the petition. (loan.bankruptcyPetitionType.joint, loan.bankruptcyPetitionType.single)
  • Process Status: Status of the bankruptcy process. (loan.bankruptcyProcessStatus.claimFiled, loan.bankruptcyProcessStatus.discharged , loan.bankruptcyProcessStatus.dismissed, loan.bankruptcyProcessStatus.noticeReceived, loan.bankruptcyProcessStatus.petitionFiledVerified, loan.bankruptcyProcessStatus.planConfirmed , loan.bankruptcyProcessStatus.reaffirmed)
  • Proof of Claim Deadline Date: The deadline to file the Proof of Claim.
  • Proof of Claim Filed Date: The date the Proof of Claim is filed.
  • Proof of Claim Filed Status: The status of the filed Proof of Claim. (loan.bankruptcyProofOfClaimFiledStatus.filed, loan.bankruptcyProofOfClaimFiledStatus.pending)
  • State: State of the filing. This should be formatted as geo.state.{2-letter abbreviation} (e.g. geo.state.UT)

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