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This article explores how to add or edit a customer's references through the API. For a more general overview on how references are used in LoanPro, see our article on References.

To add a reference to a customer, send a PUT request to the URL of the customer. This URL is unique to each customer because it includes their individual Customer ID. The URL for a customer ID of 1121 would look like this:

PUT https://loanpro.simnang.com/api/public/api/1/odata.svc/Customers(1121)

If you don't know the customer's ID, see our article on Finding Loan and Customer IDs.

Below is a sample body of a PUT request:

  "References": {
    "results": [
        "name": "John Doe",
        "relation": "customerReference.relation.friend",
        "Address": {
          "country": "company.country.usa",
          "address1": "123 Oak Lane",
          "zipcode": "12345",
          "city": "Schenectady",
          "state": "geo.state.ME"
        "primaryPhone": "5554444444",
        "secondaryPhone": "5555555555"

  • References – The information for references to add/update
    • name – The name of the reference
    • relation – The relation of the reference to the customer, formatted “customerReference.relation.<referenceType>”. Options for “<referenceType>” are: “brother”, ”coWorker”, “daughter”, “father”, “friend”, “husband”, “mother”, “sister”, “son”, and “wife”.
    • Address – The address of the reference. See API – Addresses
    • primaryPhone – The primary phone number of the reference
    • secondaryPhone – The secondary phone number of the reference

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