API – Collateral Collections


Below is a list of collections options for Adding Collateral to a Loan in the API. For certain fields, one of these options must be sent over in the JSON request.

GPS Status

The GPS Status options are as follows:

  • collateral.gpsstatus.installed
    • This means that a GPS unit is installed in the collateral
  • collateral.gpsstatus.notinstalled
    • This means that a GPS unit was installed in the collateral, but has been removed
  • collateral.gpsstatus.none
    • This means that a GPS unit was never installed in the collateral

Collateral Type

The types of collateral are as follows:

  • collateral.type.car
    • The collateral is an Automobile
  • collateral.type.consumer
    • The collateral is a consumer product
  • collateral.type.mortgage
    • The collateral is real estate
  • collateral.type.other
    • The collateral does not fit any of the above categories

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