Multi-Factor Authentication


Multi-factor authentication helps make logging into LoanPro more secure. Multi-factor refers to the need for more than one way to prove that the user should have access to LoanPro. Usually a username and password are used in conjunction with a code that is received through SMS text or using an authentication app.

Enrolling Users For Multi-Factor Authentication

While multi-factor authentication is recommended, it is not required. To enroll a user for multi-factor authentication, navigate to Settings > Company > User Authentication > Multi-Factor inside your LoanPro account.

This page will show a list of agent users in your company.

Click 'Edit'.

Check the box to the right of each agent user that you'd like to enroll in multi-factor authentication. Use the 'Select All' and 'Deselect All' links to make the job easier. Once you have selected all the agents you want to enroll, click 'Save'.

User Setup

Once users are enrolled for multi-factor authentication, their login process will be different. After entering the correct username and password, the user will be asked how they would like to perform the second authentication.

They can choose to use the Google Authenticator app or to get a code sent via SMS message to a phone.

Google Authenticator

If Google Authenticator is chosen, the user will be presented with a QR code.

To use this code, the user must download the Google Authenticator app. When the app is launched, the user can click BEGIN SETUP to get started. There will be two available options: Scan Barcode and Manual Entry. Choose Scan Barcode. Use your phone’s camera to scan the barcode. This will create a new entry for LoanPro that will include a six-digit code. Enter the code and click 'Continue' to log in.

SMS Message

If SMS Message is chosen, the user will be asked to enter a phone number.

Once the number is entered, click 'Continue'.

A code will be sent to the phone number entered. Enter this code and click 'Continue'.

Resetting Multi-Factor Authentication

If the Google Authenticator app is deleted, the agent user changes phones, or any other circumstance arises when multi-factor authentication through the app stops working, it must be reset in order to get authentication working again. To do this, navigate to Authentication > Multi-Factor inside the agent file (found in Users > Agent Users).

Click 'Reset' to unlink the authentication with the Authenticator app. the user must then set up a new authentication in Google Authenticator or switch to using SMS codes.

Error Notifications

If a user receives an error notification when trying to log in, the notification will be ambiguous. This is done purposefully to create an added layer of protection; if an unauthorized user is trying to log into an account, more specific messages might help them know what they need to focus on to break into the account.

If a user locks themselves out of their account after repeated error notifications, they should contact LoanPro to regain access.

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