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While not possible inside the LoanPro UI, you can add a system note manually via the LoanPro API. This is most often helpful when adding customer communication history notes. This should be used to record customer communication that takes place outside of LoanPro. However, any other type of system note can be added.

This article will specifically address adding a system note that will be shown as a customer communication history note in the user interface. Use caution when adding other types of system notes, because it might lead to false conclusions when auditing the history of a loan.

Adding a Customer Communication History Note

To add a customer communication note through the API, use the following request:

POST https://loanpro.simnang.com/api/public/api/1/odata.svc/SystemNotes()

Your payload should look something like this:

"entityType": "Entity.Customer",
"entityId": 6341,
"referenceType": null,
"referenceId": null,
"operationType": "SERVICE_CALL",
"operationSubType": "systemNote.operationSubtype.email",
"created": "2019-12-12 16:35:42",
"createUser": 4927,
"createUserName": "Jacob Cullen",
"remoteAddress": null,
"noteTitle": "Put the desired text of your note here.",
"noteData": "{\"body\":\"Test\",\"email\":\"jakeinator@gmail.com\",\"loanId\":\"JTest001\",\"subject\":\"Test\"}"

The payload contains the following properties:




This is the primary entity the note is related to. Entity.Customer will be used to create a communication history note, but Entity.Loan could also be used for other types of notes.


The ID of the customer, loan, etc. that the note is related to.


This is the type of the nested entity the note is related to (e.g. Entity.Phone). For a customer communication note, this will be null.


The ID of the nested entity the note is related to.


This is the type of action that was done (e.g. CREATE, UPDATE, DELETE, etc.). For a customer communication note, we will use SERVICE_CALL.


This is the specific subtype for the operation. There are many options for subtype. They all start with systemNote.operationSubtype, but the final piece may be a sections of the software (e.g. customerSettings) or an action (e.g. email, crud). For a customer communication note, we will use systemNote.operationSubtype.email, systemNote.operationSubtype.mailHouse, or systemNote.operationSubtype.tcn. Creating notes for SMS messages is not currently supported.


This value shows when the note was created. This must be in a UNIX timestamp format (YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss). This value is required for some operationSubTypes (e.g. mailHouse).


This is the ID of the user who did the action. Since we are submitting this through the API, the API user ID will be tied to the note.


This is the name of the user who did the action. Because this is being done through the API, the API user's name will be tied to the note.


This is the IP address from which the request is being made. This is not required.


This is the title of the note.


This should be a JSON string. There is no set format for this field, and can contain any string you choose. A JSON string is recommended to make the field meaningful.

The response from this request will be the note data. It should look like your payload, except that createUser and createUserName may have been changed by the system to be the ID and name of your assigned API user.

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