LoanPro TabaPay Integration


Tabapay is a payment processor integrated with LoanPro. Tabapay has the ability to process credit and debit payments.

How To

To create a Tabapay processor inside of LoanPro, navigate to Settings > Company > Merchant > Secure Payments > Debit/Credit Card. On this page, click the  button.

For "Processor Type" select Tabapay. Then enter in the remaining relevant information:

  • Processor Name: A unique textual identifier of the processor. 
  • Client ID: The company ID with Tabapay
  • Settlement Account: The ID of the settlement account with Tabapay
  • Bearer Token: This is used for Tabapay authorization and given by Tabapay.

Then select the appropriate settings for the processor. If the processor is going to process live payments select no on "Bypass Processing". "Default" allows you to set the processor as the default processor. "AutoReversal" if set to yes will automatically reverse payments made using this processor in LoanPro if they fail or are voided for any reason in Secure Payments (formerly PCI Wallet).

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