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In most reports and in some other areas (e.g. loan manager) in LoanPro you can perform further actions with the data that is presented to you. Further options for the data are available in the DATA OPTIONS drop-down. This article will give an overview of these options.

Data Options

Excel Data Dump – This option will download the report or other data to your computer in a comma separated values (CSV) file. A .CSV file is exactly what it sounds like. The data values in the file are all text and each value is separated by a comma. You can open this file in any text editor, but the data will be better presented if you open the file in a spreadsheet program.

The most common spreadsheet programs are Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers and OpenOffice calc. If you don’t have a spreadsheet program, we recommend downloading OpenOffice Calc because it is both robust and free. Any spreadsheet application will give you the ability to do further calculation and analysis of the numbers you get from LoanPro.

Schedule Report – This option lets you schedule this same data to be pulled by the system on a regular basis.

Email List – This option lets you send all of the customers associated with the loans in the report or other data to the Email Tool in LoanPro so that you can send a mass email to all of them.

Collector Queue – This option lets you send the loans in the data to the collector queue so that your company can perform systematic collections efforts on them.

Run TCN Campaign – This option sends the customers associated with the loans in your data to the TCN tool so that you can send out a broadcast of automated phone calls to all of them.

Mail House –This option lets you send physical mailers to the borrowers on the loans from your Loan Manager search results.

Send to Billing – This option lets you send the loans in the data to the billing tool so that printed billing statements can be created for your customers.

Create Custom Forms – This option lets you send the loans in your data to the custom forms tool so that you can print custom forms for the whole group of loans.

SMS Tool – This option lets you send the customers associated with the loans in the data to the SMS tool so you can send text messages to the group of customers.

Credit Report – This option lets you send your data to the Credit Reporting tool to generate a file formatted for Credit Reporting.

Loan Admin Tools – This option lets you run evaluations for Stoplights, Flags, and other Rules Applied on the accounts you specify in the in the search parameters.

Selecting an option from the Data Options menu will send the parameters from search to the tool, and the loans will be pulled again when an action is performed. This means that if accounts fall into or out of your report or search parameters between the time when the data was originally pulled and the time an action is performed, they will be included or excluded from the action accordingly.

For example, if your data is originally from the loan manager and includes only accounts that are past due, if you choose to send Search Results to the email tool, and while you’re composing an email, one of the accounts receives a payment and the account is no longer past due, then when you send the email, that account will no longer be included and no email will be sent to the customers associated with that account.

The data you export may include leading zeros. These are pieces of data that have numbers that begin with zeros, such as IDs like 00045789. Excel tends to drop the zeros in this data since it thinks you won't need them. If you would like Excel to keep your leading zeros, our Keeping Leading Zeros on Your Import and Export Files article will explain how to do so.

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