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The customer manager is a centralized location where you can see all of your customers. One major thing to note about LoanPro that is different than most loan software platforms, is that customers are completely separate from loans and leases. Customers are customers, and loans are loans. A customer can be linked to a loan, but they are not the same thing. The reason for this is that it provides the flexibility of letting one customer have many loans, or for many customers to be linked to a single loan without having to enter the customer data more than once.

User Interface

Customers are displayed in a table.  You can select which columns to display for each customer by clicking view_column.


Simply check the box for any column you want to show.  A maximum of 8 columns can be shown.

You can search the customer manager by keyword.  This includes keyword options that let you choose how your keyword phrases should be regarded by LoanPro.

You have two keyword options:

  • Match Type – This specifies whether words that match significant parts of your keywords will still be considered matches.
  • Match Operator – If you entered a search phrase, you can choose whether the words in the phrase should be considered together using the “And” operator, or separately using the “Or” operator.

You can also make several selections that will filter the list of customers.  These options fall into three parent categories: Status, Brackets, and Verification.


The status section contains the customer status drop-down and the customer type drop-down, which lets you filter customers displayed on the Customer Manager.  You can customize the list of customer statuses in Settings > Customer > Labeling > Status.


The brackets section lets you filter customers by the age of the customer and the customer credit score.  These brackets can be customized in Settings > Customer > Brackets.  There is also an option to filter by created date.  Enter a start date in the “Created Date From” field and an end date in the “Created Date To” field.  This will define the date range over which the customers returned to the customer manager were created.


This section lets you filter customers by OFAC compliance, employer information (present or not), USPS verified primary address, primary address country, SMS verified primary phone number, and avatar image (present or not).


Dashboard widgets can be created from the customer manager.

To create a widget, click widgets.

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