Agent User Roles

In order to more fully understand the purpose of Agent User Roles, it is recommended that you read the Agent Users article first.


Because LoanPro gives you the ability to assign separate login credentials for each of your servicers (agent users), it is very important that proper levels of access are granted to users based on their individual duties within your company. Agent user roles give you the ability to tailor a custom level of access to each individual user, and to alter that access level as their responsibilities change. You can also create any number of roles.

It is important to understand you must first create the roles and then assign them to users. In the process of creating an agent user role, you will specify the level of access for that role. Then, when you assign roles to users, those roles will govern the the agent users’ level of access. It is also important to note, only users with Tenant Admin access have the ability to update the role assigned to a user in the Agent Manager.

This article will give you an overview on assigning existing user roles to your users. For information on creating roles, check out our article on Creating a Role.

How To

Once roles have been created, you can assign those roles to your agent users. To assign a Role to an Agent User navigate to Users > Agent Users, then select a specific agent.

Once on this page, by default, you will see the Profile & Access tab on the left, which gives a general overview of the current settings of this user. By clicking  in the upper right-hand corner of this page, you will open the Agent User Profile, where you will have the ability to make changes.

Also on this page, you will see a section labeled “Agent Role”; this is where the agent role is defined and assigned to the user.

Agent roles can be assigned at two different levels: Global and Tenant. Depending on your situation, in practice, these may be the same for you. If an agent user has access to more than one company inside of LoanPro, a global role will give that user the same level of access inside of each company. Tenant access is a level of access specific to a single company.

To assign a role to an agent, select the role that represents the access they should have and click .

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