Assigning Agent User Roles

Before reading this article, we recommend reading our Agent Users article first. If you have a good understanding of agent users, feel free to skip it, and continue below.


LoanPro provides users the ability to assign separate login credentials for each company employee in the form of agent users. However, it is very important that proper levels of access are granted to users based on their individual duties within your company. Agent user roles is our solution—categories for agent users that govern level of access. Roles give you the ability to tailor a custom level of access to each individual user, and you can alter that access level as their responsibilities change.

This article provides an overview on assigning existing user roles to your users. For information on creating roles, check out our article on Creating a Role.

Assigning a Role

Only users with Tenant Admin access have the ability to update the role assigned to a user in the Agent Manager.

Once roles have been created, you can assign those roles to your agent users. To assign a Role to an Agent User, navigate to Users > Agent Users, then select a specific agent.

Selecting a specific agent user opens the Profile & Access tab which gives a general overview of the current settings of this user. By clicking 'Edit' in the upper right-hand corner of this page, you can make changes to the agent user's information.

You can assign an agent user to a role by selecting the role dropdown menu located under the Profile Settings section as shown in the image below.

You'll see roles grouped into two sections, Global and Tenant.

  • Global roles are defaults, and should be present in every tenant. These roles are designed to match the most common needs across the industry.
  • Tenant roles are the ones your company has created. These take a bit more work to set up, but cater to your specific needs.

After selecting a role, click 'Save' to finish.

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