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LoanPro's account notices & notes alerts are designed as a "click-through" message that appears when a loan is opened. These notifications can be set up either directly as a rule-based notice or as a loan-specific notice. This article will show you how to set notifications up both ways.

Creating a Rule-Based Notice

Rule-based notices are shown when a loan qualifies for a determined rule. To create a rule-based notice, navigate to Settings > Loan > Alerts > Account Note Alerts inside your LoanPro account.

To add a new rule-based notice, click 'Add'.

Here, you are able to determine a few different settings for the notice. Begin by setting a title for the notice and the type. You also have the option to display the notice in LoanPro and on the Customer Facing Website, if applicable.

If you select to display the note on the customer facing website, it will display as a pop-up message when the user opens the account for which the note has been triggered. The following image provides an example of what these pop-up messages look like.

Once you have determined the settings for the notice, begin writing the message for this notice in the 'Custom Message' field. You can use the formatting tools to help format the message.

To set the rule that will determine when this alert is shown, click 'Empty'.

Using the Formula Editor, write the rule that you would like to apply to the notice. We recommend validating your rule by clicking 'Validate this rule' while writing it. LoanPro will not let you save a rule that is invalid. Once you are satisfied with your rule, click 'Save'.

If you are unfamiliar with writing rules, take a look at our Rules Applied article—it describes how rules work and how to write them.

Finally, save your notice settings. Your notice is now complete and will display on the loans that qualify for the rule you set.

Creating a Loan-Specific Notice

You may want to enter a notice that appears only on a specific loan. You can do this by adding a new note to the loan, with a few changes. To do so, navigate to Servicing > Notes/Alerts > Notes inside of the loan.

On this page, you can set a title, category, and type for the note. To add a new loan-specific notice, click 'Add' and choose 'New Note'.

Choose 'Notice' from the 'Type' drop-down menu. Doing this will allow you to set an expiration date for the note. Set an expiration date and then write the contents of your note in the text editor. Once you have entered all of the information for the note, click 'Save'.

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