Days Past Due (DPD) Adjustments Report


This report will show you days past due adjustments across all accounts within your company.

How To

To run an DPD adjustments report, navigate to Reports > Transactions History > DPD Adjustments Report inside your company account.

You can search this report by two date ranges.  The first is the Log Date Period.  When the report is run this way, you will enter a date range and the report results will pull based on the dates when days past due adjustments were logged.  You can also enter a date range based on when the days past due adjustments actually apply.

Both fields will default to the current week.  If you have a date range in both fields, DPD adjustments must qualify for both date ranges in order to show in your report results.  To enter a date range, click on the date range field and choose your date range using the advanced date picker.

You can also select one of the predefined date ranges from the drop-downs above each field.  The options are: Today, This week, 30 days, Month to date, Year to date, Yesterday, Last week, Last month, Last year, Custom, and Other.

Custom and Other warrant some additional explanation.  Other is simply the option that gets automatically selected when you choose a date range using the advanced date picker.  Custom, however, gives you the option to enter the date range using two fields: a Date From as a number of days ago and a Date To as a number of days ago.

You can also narrow your reports based on the settings and other characteristics of the accounts on which the DPD adjustments were logged using the advanced option search.  Once you’ve entered your search parameters, click  to run the report.

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