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The collector queue lets you create groups of accounts and assign a user to perform collections on the accounts in each group. This article will cover the tool features, how to use the tool, and how to customize it.

Tool Features

The collector queue tool is located at Tools > Collector Queue inside your system. The main page for this tool shows collector queues that have been created for your company.

You have three options for each incomplete collector queue:

  • – View information about the results of the collector queue.
  • – Delete the collector queue.
  • – Start or resume the collector queue.

You can also view the name of the collector queue, the agent user it’s assigned to, the total number of accounts in the queue, and the percentage completed.

Other users not assigned to the collector queue can still work through it, even working with multiple other users simultaneously. If multiple users are working through the collector queue, the queue will ensure that a loan is only presented to one user. A user must complete the work on a loan before closing the collector queue, as that loan will not be presented to another user if the work is incomplete.

There are three search options at the top of the page that let you filter the queues that are shown. These include:

  • Status – Filter the queues by queue status (stopped, started, completed).
  • Type – The type of queue (static or dynamic list)
  • Strategy – The strategy for going through the queue (random assignment or tag team/single user)
  • Agent – Filter the queues by agent assigned.
  • Date Range – Filter the queues by the date range when they were created. This defaults to a month-to-date date range.

Using the Tool

When you click   to start a collector queue, you’ll be taken to the first uncompleted loan in the queue. A collector queue window will be present in the lower left hand corner of the loan.

Simply select the “ ^ ” icon to open up the collector queue window.

This window will provide:

  • the option to pause  the option to pause or stop the queue
  • a place to leave notes for the account you’re working on as well as access the
  • the option to move back to the previous loan  , or to move on to the next loan 
  • There is also a button near the bottom of the popup that will allow you to move the current loan to the back of the queue.

Agent users should use these options to navigate the collector queue and record what happened during their collections efforts. You will likely have your own priorities for collections, so you can customize the checklist to fit your needs.

Customizing the Tool

To customize the checklist in the collector queue tool, navigate to the collector queue tool main page.

Click   to update the checklist.

Click   to add a new item.

Enter the checklist item into the Question field. Enter a score for the item in the Score field. Click  . You can also edit and delete items by clicking   or  respectively.

Note: The collector queue can effectively handle a volume of up to 250,000 loans. If more loans than this are added to a queue, you may notice some latencies.

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