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With our most recent update with our New Loan Manager, we have added colors that are displayed to see what the statuses are.


Loan statuses and sub-statuses show where loans are in the loan lifecycle. Statuses are shown in the Loan Manager next to each individual loan. These loan statuses are customizable, and you can only have one status at a time. Some examples of statuses include "Underwriting", "Pending", and "Paid Off".

It can be helpful to put your loans in different statuses that have meaning to you and your company. This article will cover how to customize your list of loan statuses inside LoanPro.

How To Add Status

To create, edit, or delete any loan status in your company account, navigate to Settings > Loan > Labeling > Loan Status.

The two icons to the right is where you can edit or delete the statuses. To add a new status, click 'Add'.

Enter the name of the status in the 'Title' field. Select a color option for your status, then click 'Save'.

How To Add a Sub-Status

You can also add sub-statuses to help further classify loans within a main status. To add a sub-status to an existing status, click 'Add Sub Status'. To add a sub-status to a new status, make sure to select 'Add Sub Status' while creating the new status.

Select a color for your sub-status and then enter a name. Once you're done click 'Save'.

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