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One of the features of LoanPro is the option to have sounds play when certain events occur in the software. Each user per company can enroll for a sound group that assigns sounds to software events.  You can customize sound groups by choosing sounds from our library and selecting which software event they should be associated with.  It isn’t required that each event be associated with a sound. The purpose of this feature is to give your Agent Users a standardized experience including that of sounds when an action occurs. For example if you associate the sound to the action of logging a payment, then each time an Agent User logs a payment then they will hear that sound.

How To

To navigate to the Sounds Manager tab, go to Settings > Company > Notifications > Sounds Manager.

Now that you’ve reached the Company Sounds Manager, you can add a Sound Group by clicking Add.

A default sound group will already exist.  If you’d like to custom select a specific sound to correlate with a specific action, click the drop-down assigned to the action and select the sound that you would like to change the sound setting to.  You can preview the sound by selecting it in the drop down option.

Once you have selected the sounds that you would like to apply to the sound group, you can also choose, event specific, whether a sound is active or not by clicking

Sound Event Library

  • Account Activation
  • Archive Account
  • Change Due Date
  • Create Promise
  • Custom Form Completed
  • Delete Account
  • Login Successfully to Company
  • Log Charge
  • Log Payment
  • Post Note
  • Process AutoPay
  • Promise Fulfilled
  • Resurrect Account
  • Tools: Income SMS
  • Tools: Send Email
  • Tools: Send SMS
  • Reminder

Once you have your desired Sound Group, enter a name for the group into the Group Name field at the top of the page.

You can now click . You can use the toggle switch on the main Sound Management page to activate or inactivate sound groups. If the sound group is Active then it will be an available option in the Sound Group drop-down when you edit your agent users.

Sound Setting for a Specific User

Assigning a specific agent user a sound group is done by navigating to Users > Agent Users. Click the user that you would like to assign the sound group to and in the Profile & Access tab, click Edit.

Select a Sound Group from the Sound Group drop-down.  Once you’ve selected the sound group click Save to save the selection.

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