Portfolios are easy to set up and they help you group your loans in a flexible way. For an overview on what a portfolio is please read our  Portfolio Overview article. This article will go over creating a new portfolio and assigning loans to a portfolio.  You are not restricted on the number of portfolios and sub-portfolios you can create and you decide what to call them and which loans to add to which portfolios and sub-portfolios.

How to Create a Portfolio

When you create a portfolio, you will assign it to a category.  To create a new category navigate to Settings > Loan > Portfolio > Portfolio Categories inside your company account. Here you will see a list of the portfolio categories that exist within your company. If you haven’t created any, you will only see the default categories of Primary Portfolio and Secondary Portfolio.

To add a portfolio category, click Add. Enter the category title in the field provided


and then press enter or click Save to save it.  Once you have created the categories you want, you are ready to create a portfolio.

Navigate to Settings > Loan > Portfolio > Portfolio Management within your company account.

To add a new portfolio, click Add.

Enter a name for the portfolio in the name field.  Choose a category for the portfolio from the Category selection.  Click Save to save the portfolio.  You should now see the portfolio in the list of portfolios.

You can also manage sub-portfolios on this page.  To add a sub-portfolio, click the   to the right of the portfolio to which you want to append the sub-portfolio. Then click Add Subportfolio.

Enter a name for the sub-portfolio.  Click  Save to save the sub-portfolio.

How to Add Accounts to a Portfolio

You can add accounts to a portfolio either at the time the account is created, or at any time after the account is created. To add an account to a portfolio during the account creation process, choose your portfolio category, portfolio, and/or sub portfolio from the Portfolio(s) area of the new account creation process.

If you want to include the account in more than one portfolio, click Add Portfolio again. 

If you want to add an account that has already been created to a portfolio, navigate to  Loan Settings > Settings inside of the account.

Click Edit to edit the settings.

Scroll down until you see the Portfolio section.  Now choose the category of the portfolio you want to add this account to from the Select Category drop-down.  Choose the portfolio from the Select Portfolio drop-down.  Optionally, choose the sub portfolio from the Sub-Portfolios drop-down. The Sub-Portfolio drop-down will appear after you have selected the primary portfolio. 

If you want to add the account to any other portfolios, click ADD PORTFOLIO.  Once you have selected all the portfolios you want, click Save.

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