Secure Payments API – ACH and NACHA Transactions


Creating and processing transactions through ACH processors or creating transactions in a NACHA file are import functions of Secure Payments. This article provides instruction on creating transactions through the Secure Payments API.


Here's a sample endpoint, with {processor_type} and {processor_id} standing in place for the type and ID of the actual processor you're using:


For instance, if you're using an NACHA processor with an ID of 589, your endpoint would be as follows:

The checking account processor types include

  • loanpaymentpro-ach
  • speedchex
  • versa
  • nacha


The payloads for ACH and NACHA transactions have been standardized, so the payload has a similar format for both types of transactions. This includes verification transactions sent through ACH processors.

Here is an example of what a payload will look like:

“checking-account”: {
“token”: “string” // contains the checking account info
“metadata”: {
// json object with misc metadata used by LoanPro to identify transactions. Posted back on callbacks.
“transaction”: { // the main transaction object
“amount”: 0, // float.
“sec-code”: “string”, // enumeration: PPD, CCD, TEL, WEB
“funds_direction”: “string”, // enumeration: “ToCustomer” “FromCustomer”
“phone”: “string”,
“email”: “string”

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