Secure Payments API – ACH and NACHA Transactions


Creating and processing transactions through ACH processors or creating transactions in a NACHA file are import functions of Secure Payments (formerly PCI Wallet). This article will give instruction on creating transactions through the Secure Payments API.


Here's a sample endpoint, with {processor_type} and {processor_id} standing in place for the type and ID of the actual processor you're using.


For instance, if you're using an NACHA processor with an ID of 589, you're endpoint would be

The checking account processor types include

  • loanpaymentpro-ach
  • speedchex
  • versa
  • nacha


The payloads for ACH and NACHA transactions have been standardized, so the payload has a similar format for both types of transactions. This includes verification transactions sent through ACH processors.

The payload looks like this:

“checking-account”: {
“token”: “string” // contains the checking account info
“metadata”: {
// json object with misc metadata used by LoanPro to identify transactions. Posted back on callbacks.
“transaction”: { // the main transaction object
“amount”: 0, // float.
“sec-code”: “string”, // enumeration: PPD, CCD, TEL, WEB
“funds_direction”: “string”, // enumeration: “ToCustomer” “FromCustomer”
“phone”: “string”,
“email”: “string”

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