API – Amount Past Due Adjustments


You can change the amount past due (APD) for a loan either within the UI or through the API. This article explains how to do so with the API.

To change the amount past due, send a PUT request to the URL of the loan. This URL is unique to each loan and contains the loan ID. A loan with the ID of 101, for example, would look like this:

PUT https://loanpro.simnang.com/api/public/api/1/odata.svc/Loans(101)
If you don't know a loan ID, see our article on Finding Loan and Customer IDs.

Below is the body of the request:

"id": 280,
"APDAdjustments": {
"results": [
"date": "2015-11-28",
"type": "loan.apd.adjust.type.fixed",
"dollarAmount": "85.00"
"__id": 280,
"__update": true

The following are included in the body of the request


The ID of the loan

APD Adjustments

The APD adjustments to make


The date the adjustment will apply


The type of the APD adjustment


Adjust to a fixed amount


Adjust the amount past due to zero


The dollar amount to be set as past due


The ID of the loan


Set to "true"

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