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The SMS tool in LoanPro doesn’t allow you to simply type messages to customers because of the regulations involved in sending SMS messages to your customers.  However, several default messages are provided by LoanPro and you can work with  Solutions By Text to create further templates.  This article will cover how to map variables in existing templates.

How To

To edit an SMS template inside of LoanPro, navigate to Settings > Company > SMS > Templates.

To edit a template, click  to the right of that template.

On the edit screen, you should see all of the variables that are used in the template in the Template Variables section and the full content of the message in the Message section.  While the Message section is not editable, the Template Variables section lets you choose which system variables get mapped to the variables used in the temple.  Variables in the template are always inside curly braces {}.

To update a mapped variable, click Help variables.  This will expand the variables section.

To find the variable you want, enter a keyword or phrase into the Search by keyword field.  You can also expand the variables tree by clicking  to the left of any variable section.  Individual variables have a  to the left of them.  If you click on a variable in the tree, the information for that variable will be shown in the right pane.

Click the Help Variable ID in order to use that variable.

You can now choose from the drop-down menu which variable in the template you would like to map to your chosen variable.  Once you have made your selection, click .  Do this for as many of the template variables as you’d like.

Once you have remapped all the desired variables, click  to save the template.  If you don’t want the template variable to be mapped to a system variable, click the  to the right of the variable field to remove any mapped variables.

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