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For information about Schedule Rolls and what the options do, see Roll Schedule Templates.

Schedule Roll

Adding New Schedule Line

To add a new schedule line, send a PUT request to the URL of the target loan. This endpoint is unique to each loan, and uses the loan ID. For instance, the URL for loan 1234 would look like this:


The body will be formatted as follows:

  "ScheduleRolls": {
    "results": [
        "term": 12,
        "rate": "12",
        "solveUsing": "loan.rollScheduleSolve.dollar",
        "amount": 0,
        "percent": 0,
        "advancedTerms": 0,
        "solveFor": "loan.rollScheduleSolveFor.payment",
        "balance": "12.00",
        "forceBalloon": 0
  • term – The term for the new schedule line
  • rate – The interest rate for the new schedule line
  • solveUsing – The target of the payment amount to solve for (See API Schedule Roll Collections)
  • amount – The target payment amount
  • percent – The target percentage
  • advancedTerms – The payment calculation terms
  • solveFor – What to solve for (See API Schedule Roll Collections)
  • balance – The target balance of the loan
  • forceBalloon – Set to “1” to force a balloon at the end of the term, set to “0” to let the schedule extend until the loan is paid off

Remove Schedule Line

To remove a schedule line, send a PUT request with to the URL of the target loan with a body formatted as follows:

  "ScheduleRolls": {
    "results": [
        "__destroy": true,
"__id": 207

Make sure that “__id” matches the ID of the schedule line to delete.

Please note that only deleting the last schedule line that’s applied is officially supported, the behavior of deleting preceding schedule lines is not guaranteed nor supported.

Schedule Round

To perform a schedule round, send a PUT request to the URL of the loan with a body formatted as follows:

  "LoanSetup": {
    "__update": true,
    "__id": 335,
    "scheduleRound": 0.1
  • __update – Set to “true”
  • __id – The ID of the Loan Setup entity for the loan
  • scheduleRound – The amount rounded off of the schedule

Reset Schedule Roll

To reset a schedule roll for a loan, send a GET request to the URL formatted below:


Replace “<id>” with the ID of the target loan.

Using Templates

To use a template, send a PUT request to a URL formatted as follows


The options for “{templateId}” are as follows:

  • 1 – Prorate 1st Payment Long Only Template
  • 2 – Prorate 1st Payment Short Only Template
  • 3 – Prorate 1st Payment All
  • 4 – Smooth Payment Advanced
  • 5 – Smooth Payment Basic

The rest of the options are determined by your tenant settings

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