Secure Payments NACHA Batch Cutoff Time


Secure Payments provides a cutoff time. When payments exist in the pending status in Secure Payments and they have not been assigned to a batch, they will be assigned to the day's batch as long as they are logged previous to the cutoff time. If they are logged after the cutoff time, they will pushed to the next day's batch.

Please be aware that there is one exception to the batch cutoff time. If the cutoff time comes and there are no transactions that need to be batched, the batch will be put in an open pending status. The system will then check every 15 minutes for new transactions. If any transactions occur after the cutoff time, but before the end of the day, when the system checks they will be batched, resulting in a batch time later than the cutoff time for that day. The system will continue to check for transactions either until a batch is created or until the end of the day at 12:00 am.

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