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In some cases, you don’t want to manually pull reports from LoanPro.  Rather, you would like to set them to pull automatically so you get the same report on the same day every week, month, etc.  You can schedule as many different reports as you want.  Since the reports will generate based on the parameters you select, you can even have LoanPro generate different versions of the same report.  This article will go over the process of setting reports to generate on their own.

How To

You can choose to generate reports from the Loan Manager, or any of the individual reports in the Reports section of LoanPro.  If the report you want to schedule is one from the Reports section of LoanPro, you will first have to choose any search options you would like to use to pull the data you want and then click  to run the report.  This won’t be necessary if you are generating a report from the Loan Manager.

To schedule a report, choose Schedule Report from the  Data Options drop-down menu for the report you want to generate (the three vertical dots in the top right corner of your search results).  This will show you a dialog box where you can enter information about how the report should be pulled. 

The pop-up window for a Scheduled Report. The fields include Report Name, First Execution (with a date drop-down), Time, Repeat Execution (with an options drop-down), and Notify Users. There is also a button to either save the report as a downloadable CSV file or send to the Collector Queue.

Report Information



Report Name

You must assign a name to the report.  This will make it easier to distinguish this report from others in the list of generated reports.

First Execution

Date: This is the date when the report will first be automatically generated.  Time: This is the time when the report will be added to the queue of reports to be generated.  If there are other items in the queue, this report may not be generated at exactly the time you input.

Repeat Execution

This is the frequency with which the report will continue to be pulled.  Your options include: daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, and last day of the month.  The report will continue to be generated automatically on this frequency until you choose to stop it.

Report Output

You can choose to either send the report data to a downloadable CSV file, or you can choose to have the results loaded into a collector queue.

Notify Users

This option lets you specify which users will be notified when the report is generated.  When the report is complete, the users listed here will receive a notification inside the LoanPro Notification Center that the report is ready.

Once you have entered the necessary information, click Save.  Your report will now automatically generate on the time and date specified.

View and Edit Scheduled Reports

In the Loan Manager screen, there are several buttons that you can use to view all your generated, scheduled, or unscheduled reports. To see all scheduled reports in the Loan Manager, select the blue calendar icon in the top right corner.

From here, view or edit all scheduled reports. You can also click 'Upcoming' to filter the results and only see reports that have an scheduled date to run. To delete a scheduled report, select the trash can icon next to the report you would like to delete.

To see all generated reports in the Loan Manager, select the reports button (it's the blue pie chart icon to the left of the calendar icon in the top right corner).

To see all scheduled reports inside of a report select the book icon. To see all generated reports select the icon showing a calendar with a check mark.

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