New Charge Defaults


LoanPro makes logging a new charge easier by letting you set new charge defaults.

How To

To set defaults for a new charge navigate to Settings > Defaults > New Transaction > New Charge.

First, choose the loan class and loan type for which you want to edit the defaults from the drop-downs at the top of this page. Now click the Edit button in the top right corner.

You have three options you can default for new charges:

  • Charge Type – This is the type of the charge. You can customize the list of charge types.
  • Interest Bearing – This lets you choose whether interest should accrue on charges.
  • Application Type – You can choose whether charges should apply immediately or whether they should only come due when an account is paid off.
  • Included in Past Due Calculations - You can choose whether to include a charge in the days and amount past due calculation. These charges will still come due like other charges, they simply won't factor in to the customer being past due.

Once you’ve made your selections, click 'Save.' Remember that these are only defaults and can be changed when you log a charge.

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