Secure Payments API – Authorize.Net Process Transaction


This article covers processing a payment using an Authorize.Net payment processor. If you haven't already, you'll first need to Create an processor, and the response from that request will give you the processor ID you'll need for your endpoint here.

When you want to process a transaction with ANET, you'll send it to this endpoint, substituting {id} with the ID of the specific processor you want to use.


The payload body requires the unique Secure Payments token for the card that's being charged. This token is only generated once and cannot be recovered, so if you've lost it you'll need to re-enter the card and create a new payment profile.

Here's a sample JSON payload:

"card": {
"token": "YOUR TOKEN"
"transaction": {
"amount": 10.00
"metadata": {}

And the same request in cURL:

curl -X POST --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Accept:
application/json' --header 'authorization:YOUR AUTHORIZATION' --header
'secret: YOUR SECRET' -d '{ \
"card": { \
"token": "YOUR TOKEN" \
}, \
"transaction": { \
"amount": 10.00 \
}, \
"metadata": {} \
}' ''

Here's a sample response:

"transaction": {
"amount": 1,
"raw_response": "{\"description\":\"
is transaction has been
"operation": "process",
"operation_success": true,
"created": "2017-6-06 22:31:54",
"token": "TOKEN",
"status": "submitted",
"id": 271,
"sec_code": "",
"raw_http_code": 200,
"processor": "anet",
"metadata": "{}",
"customer_name": "John Q. Customer",
"customer_id": 32
"processor": {
"description": "{}",
"amount": "1.00",
"purchase_order_number": "",
"transaction_id": "40004708057",
"address": "string",
"fax": "",
"email": "",
"auth_text": "RN1MQF",
"reason_code": "1",
"first_name": "string",
"zip_code": "84101",
"reason_text": "This transaction has been approved.",
"freight": "",
"phone": "",
"method": "CC",
"avs_response": "Y",
"city": "string",
"invoice_number": "",
"cavv_response": "2",
"tax_exempt": "",
"state": "Utah",
"card_code_response": "P",
"special_instructions": "",
"tax": "",
"ship_first_name": "",
"ship_country": "",
"transaction_type": "auth_capture",
"response_code": "1",
"md5_hash": "EBFDFAE63CC10D3885C5F8A9CD08185E",
"ship_state": "",
"requested_amount": "",
"response_subcode": "1",
"account_number": "XXXX9776",
"split_tender_id": "",
"ship_last_name": "",
"ship_zip_code": "",
"last_name": "",
"ship_address": "",
"duty": "",
"ship_city": "",
"ship_company": "",
"country": "",
"balance_on_card": "",
"company": "",
"customer_id": "",
"card_type": "Visa"

To try it out yourself, see our ReadMe page: Process ANET Payment

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