Calculated Interest Accrual Report


The calculated interest accrual report is designed to show you how much interest has accrued over a specified date range. This report works similarly to the accrued interest report on an individual loan, but shows data for all of the accounts within your company.

Running the Report

To run a calculated interest accrual report, navigate to Reports > Administration > Calculated Interest Accrual.


On the left side of the screen, you'll see options for your search. The first search option is the time frame for the report. You can select either a a preset period (like Today, Last Year, Month to Date, etc.) or enter a your own date range by selecting a start and end date on the calendars.

You can also select specific dates to see how much interest accrued on that day. Under "Date Selection," enter a date and hit the + icon. The selected dates will be listed just below.

You can further filter the accounts that appear in this report using the advanced option search filters.


Once you hit the search button, your filtered results will appear. If you entered any specific dates under "Date Selection", they'll be listed at the top of your results.

Below, individual loans are listed. Each entry gives the date, display ID, primary customer, collateral (the first position collateral if there are more than one item), principal, and accrued interest.

Creating a Pivot Table

If you would like to see how much interest accrued per loan for the selected date range, you will need to use the pivot table feature in Excel.

To export the report information into Excel, select Data Options > Excel Data Dump.

Then select  and  next to the newly generated report.

Once you have exported the information into Excel, inside of the excel spreadsheet select Insert > Pivot Table > OK. Once the PivotTable Fields box has appeared on the right-hand side of your screen, click and drag the "Accounts" field to the Rows area and the "Accrued Interest" field to the Values area as shown below:

Once you have generated the pivot table, the numbers shown on the left-hand side of the table are the Loan ID's and the numbers on the right-hand side are the sums of accrued interest for each specific Loan ID during the selected date range.

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