API – Escrow Subset Options/Escrow Settings


You can use the LoanPro API to edit escrow subset options. To learn more about escrow options, consider reading our Escrow Overview and Create a New Escrow Transaction articles. This article will explain how to edit escrow subset options through the API.

To change the escrow subset options (also known as escrow settings) for an escrow account on a loan, send a PUT request to the the following URL:

PUT  https://loanpro.simnang.com/api/public/api/1/odata.svc/Loans(55)

The example above uses the loan ID of 55. Remember to replace this with the ID of the loan you choose to change the escrow settings for.

The body is formatted as follows:

  "EscrowSubsetOptions": {
    "results": [
        "leaseSalesTax": 0,
        "entityType": "Entity.Loan",
        "payoffOption": "loan.escrowpayoff.standard",
        "paymentApplication": "loan.escrowpmtapp.standard",
        "aprInclude": 1,
        "scheduleInclude": 1,
        "disclosureLnAmtAdd": 1,
        "interestBearing": 0,
        "availability": "loan.escrowAvailability.both",
        "subset": 2

  • leaseSalesTax – Amount of sales tax for a lease (used for the lease bucket)
  • entityType – The type of the associated entity. (Usually “Entity.Loan”)
  • payoffOption – The payoff option for the escrow (See API Escrow Collections)
  • paymentApplication – How the payments apply to the escrow account (See API Escrow Collections)
  • aprInclude – Set to “1” to include in APR calculation, set to “0” to exclude from APR calculations
  • scheduleInclude – Set to “1” to include in the payment schedule, set to “0” to exclude from the payment schedule
  • disclosureLnAmtAdd – Set to “1” to include in the disclosed loan amount, set to “0” to exclude it
  • interestBearing – Set to “1” to have interest accrue on the balance for the escrow account, set to “0” if interest should not accrue
  • availability – Whether the bucket is available to loans and/or leases (See API Escrow Collections)
  • subset – The bucket that the settings apply to

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