API – Escrow Subset Options/Escrow Settings


To change the escrow subset options (aka. escrow settings) for an escrow account on a loan, send a PUT request to the URL of the loan. For example, to change escrow settings for a loan with ID 55, send a PUT request to https://loanpro.simnang.com/api/public/api/1/odata.svc/Loans(55).

The body is formatted as follows:

  "EscrowSubsetOptions": {
    "results": [
        "leaseSalesTax": 0,
        "entityType": "Entity.Loan",
        "payoffOption": "loan.escrowpayoff.standard",
        "paymentApplication": "loan.escrowpmtapp.standard",
        "aprInclude": 1,
        "scheduleInclude": 1,
        "disclosureLnAmtAdd": 1,
        "interestBearing": 0,
        "availability": "loan.escrowAvailability.both",
        "subset": 2
  • leaseSalesTax – Amount of sales tax for a lease (used for the lease bucket)
  • entityType – The type of the associated entity. (Usually “Entity.Loan”)
  • payoffOption – The payoff option for the escrow (See API Escrow Collections)
  • paymentApplication – How the payments apply to the escrow account (See API Escrow Collections)
  • aprInclude – Set to “1” to include in APR calculation and set to “0” to exclude from APR calculations
  • scheduleInclude – Set to “1” to include in the payment schedule and set to “0” to exclude from the payment schedule
  • disclosureLnAmtAdd – Set to “1” to include in the disclosed loan amount, and set to “0” to exclude it
  • interestBearing – Set to “1” to have interest accrue on the balance for the escrow account, and set to “0” if interest should not accrue
  • availability – Whether or not the bucket is available to loans and/or leases (See API Escrow Collections)
  • subset – The bucket that the settings apply to

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