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This article will supplement the information that can be found in  rules applied.  The bankruptcy rules applied specifically lets you update the active  bankruptcy on an account when the rules that you set up here evaluate to true.


Bankruptcy rules applied can be found at Settings > Loan > Rules Applied > Bankruptcy.

You have three options for each existing rule application.  They are represented by icons as follows:

  •   subscriptions Enroll All Loans – When clicked, all loans will be enrolled for this rule.
  •   edit Edit – Clicking this will let you edit the rule application.
  •   delete Delete – This will delete the rule application.

The option to force a rule application for multiple loans can be done using the  loan admin tools.

To add a new rule application, click .

To setup the rule that the bankruptcy settings updates will be based upon, select Empty.

Here you may select which Bankruptcy Settings or Bankruptcy Custom Fields will be applied when your rule is evaluated to true on an account. 

Keep in mind, rules applied may only update the active bankruptcy on an account. Rules applied will not create new bankruptcies, or edit inactive bankruptcies on an account.

If there are settings or custom fields that you would like your rule to set back to null, you can check the “Set as Null” checkbox to the right of the values.

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