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Introduction is a payment gateway that provides online processing of bank card payments. Using, you can process card payments online, without any physical swiping. If fits your lending practices and you would like to use the service, it can be configured through the LoanPro's integration with Secure Payments. This article explains the process.


LoanPro—with the integration of our other product, Secure Payments—makes it possible to process credit and debit card payments or eCheck and EFT payments directly inside LoanPro. Additionally, the integration will return error codes for failed payments, facilitate the reversal of payment transactions, and let you toggle your account between demo and live mode directly within your LoanPro settings.

To use, you will need a merchant services provider; we recommend Select Bankcard.

Add a Processor

To add your account to Secure Payments, navigate to Settings > Company > Merchant > Secure Payments inside your company account in LoanPro.

To add a new processor, navigate to the Debit/Credit Card tab and select 'Add Processor'.

Here, you will need to enter your credentials. The necessary credentials include your API Login ID and Transaction Key, which will have given you once you sign up and get approved. You'll also need to set a name for your processor and configure a few settings. Here is a breakdown of what each setting does:




This option allows you to toggle your account and a general sandbox account. has a sandbox account and a production account, and these are independent environments. However, you will need to request a sandbox account from if you would like access; it does not occur by default.

In addition, credentials for an account are unique to each account. Thus, if you have a production account and you wish to use a sandbox account instead, you’ll need to contact to get a sandbox account with an independent credentials setup. This setting is also located within Secure Payments and lets you indicate the environment in which you desire to point the transactions.


This option allows you to send transactions to your account without processing the payment. (Transactions will be sent to either a live account or sandbox account, based on the configuration of the account.) This will let you test to see if transactions from LoanPro are being sent to properly. It is also meant to test the configuration and communication between the two platforms.


This option allows you to set this processor as your default.

Auto Reversal

This option determines if transactions that are charged back and reversed within are also reversed within LoanPro automatically.

When finished, click 'Save' to save the processor.

Payment IDs

Once integrated, the LoanPro account number and payment ID are added into the memo line for each payment inside of This will help you match transactions made in with transactions in LoanPro. If an transaction is posted, you will be able to see both the Transaction ID and Batch ID in Secure Payments as well. will only accept one incoming transaction per minute with the same amount. If a user attempts to place more than one charge/transaction per minute, processors reject any incoming transactions that are of the same amount. An error message will be displayed stating, "A duplicate transaction has been submitted."

Common Uses & Questions

Here's some information for specific roles within your company.

Upper Management Use
Before you're able to use a payment processor, you'll need to get their approval. Most processing companies take a few weeks vetting their clients, so we recommend getting in touch with them well before you need them to take payments.

As we mentioned earlier, is unique among our integrated processors in that it requires you to work with a merchant services provider, the company who actually works with the borrower's card issuer. We recommend Select Bankcard.
Developers Use
You can also use processors through the API. For more info, see our ReadMe documentation:
Create Processor
Process Payment
Administrator or Loan Servicing/Collections Managers Use
You can create processors through the UIs for LMS or Secure Payments, or through the Secure Payments API. Once they're set up, we recommend using Merchant Processor Groups or Payment Defaults to set which processor will be used for each transaction.

Can process funding transactions? They do not. If you want to fund loans through card channels in LMS, you'll need to also integrate with another processor that does handle funding, such as LoanPaymentPro or TabaPay.

What’s Next

With processors set up, you're likely ready to log payments. We explain the basics in our article Payments 101, and the finer details in Payments – Intermediate.

You might also be interested in setting up Merchant Processor Groups or Payment Defaults.

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