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When using the LoanPro API, you send requests to a specific URL, or endpoint. The endpoint for each loan or customer is unique to them, and you'll be unable to retrieve or update information without it.

This article will explain the simplest way to get the ID for a single loan or customer: through the URL in the LoanPro user interface. If you are looking for how to retrieve the loan and customer ID's via an API request, the following articles will be helpful.

Searching through the API

You can use Elasticsearch to find loan and customer IDs through the API. This option is ideal if you're looking for a group of loans that match certain criteria. For more info, see these articles:

Finding IDs through the UI

You can also find the IDs for individual customers and loans through the API. This solution obviously isn't quite as scalable, as it requires you to log in and manually navigate the UI, but if you're looking for only one or two specific IDs it may be faster than configuring an entire Elasticsearch query.

Loan IDs

First, login to loanpro.io and search for the loan you want. Once you click on it, the loan ID will be visible in the URL.

Image shows the loan header and URL. In the URL, a box highlights the loan ID.

For this loan, the loan ID is 8890.

The loan ID is different from the loan display ID, which is shown in the header (In this picture, the loan display ID is L000212). The loan display ID is set by users when they create or import a loan, and refers to your own recordkeeping system. The loan ID, on the other hand, is set automatically by the system when a loan is created. This is the ID used for all requests with the API.

Customer IDs

Finding customer IDs works a lot like finding loan IDs. It involves navigating to that customer's page in LMS and looking in the URL for a specific ID.

Customers that are Linked to a Loan

If the customer is already linked to the loan, you can find their customer ID from within the loan. In the navigation window on the left, click Customer, and then the name of the customer. The loan and customer IDs will both be in the URL.

The URL of the customer page within a loan. A box highlights both the loan and customer IDs.
Customers that aren't Linked to a Loan

If your customer is not yet linked to a loan you can instead find them in Users > Customer Manager. Search for your customer, select them, and then look at the URL.

URL from the Customer Manager page. A box highlights the customer ID within the URL.

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