Secure Payments Actions


The Actions section of Secure Payments (formerly PCI Wallet) is designed to let the user turn on or off a specific service that Secure Payments offers. This will stop the service from being used.

The available services include:

  • Bank Card – This service processes credit and debit card payments through one of the merchants integrated with Secure Payments.
  • Routing number – This service looks up the bank name from the routing number.
  • ACH/eCheck – This service processes bank account withdrawals through one of our integrated payment processors.
  • SFTP – This service will create an unbalanced NACHA file and send it to a specified SFTP server.
  • AVS Address Verify – This service verifies the address associated with the payment profile.
  • Card Attribute Lookup – Pulls additional information regarding the credit/debit card

Use the toggle switches to the right of any service to turn it on or off.

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