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The Actions section of Secure Payments is designed to let the user turn on or off a specific service that Secure Payments offers. This allows the user to pick and choose which services they would like to use.

To navigate to the Actions page, look under the 'My Account' section in the navigation panel to the left. The Actions page lists available services, a description and price per use of each, and a switch to toggle them on or off. Take a look at the table below to see a list of options.



Bank Card

This service processes credit and debit card payments through one of the merchants integrated with Secure Payments.

Routing number

This service looks up the bank name from the routing number.


This service processes bank account withdrawals through one of our integrated payment processors.


This service will create an unbalanced NACHA file and send it to a specified SFTP server.

AVS Address Verify

This service verifies the address associated with the payment profile.

Card Attribute Lookup

This service pulls additional information regarding the credit/debit card. With this turned on, you can block unwanted payment profiles using Bank Cards Control.

Advanced Card Attribute Lookup

Lookup more card information and funding attributes. For more information on card attribute lookup go to Bank Card Attribute Lookup.

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