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Using BIN ranges, Secure Payments can restrict certain types or brands of card with the click of a button. Within Secure Payments, you'll find these features under Settings > Bank Cards Control in the navigation pane at the left.

How It Works
The numbers on a credit or debit card aren't random; they convey information about the account. The first four to six digits on a card are referred to as a Bank Identification Number (BIN), and they indicate the account's type (debit, prepaid, etc.) and brand (Visa, MasterCard, etc.). When a payment profile with a bank card is created in Secure Payments, the system can use the BIN to determine the account's type and brand. All you have to worry about is whether you want to accept those types of payment profiles.
Secure Payments will only be able to block unwanted payment profiles if "Card Attribute Lookup" has been turned on (see below).


The first set of controls allow you to restrict certain types of cards. If you don't want your customers paying with a credit card, for instance, you would just switch off 'Credit'. If you only wanted customers using prepaid debit cards, you would leave 'Prepaid' and 'Debit' on but switch off 'Credit' and 'All Others'.

In the left navigation pane, Bank Cards Control is selected under Settings. The main window shows the options Debit, Credit, Prepaid, and All Others, with toggle switches next to them.
The 'Prepaid' category is not mutually exclusive with other types; all prepaid cards are also either credit or debit. If you only have the 'Prepaid' toggle enabled, Secure Payments will not accept any payment profiles.


The next set of controls governs which brands of cards are accepted, and the controls work just like the Types settings above. If you don't accept VISA, you would simply switch it off. If you only accept these four major brands, you would leave them on and switch 'All Others' off.

Brands of card are listed, including MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover, and All Others. A toggle switch is next to each option.

BIN Attributes

This last control determines what will happen if the BIN is not recognized. With this option on, you will still accept payment profiles even if the BIN attributes are not available. With this option off, you will not accept any payment profiles with unrecognized BIN attributes.

There is a single option with a toggle switch next to it. It reads, "If no card attributes are available at the time of creating or updating the payment profile, accept the payment profile."

Card Attribute Lookup

All of these controls use cards' BIN ranges, but if your Secure Payments account doesn't lookup those ranges, it cannot block unwanted payment profiles. To turn on Card Attribute Lookup and enable Bank Card Control, go to My Account > Actions in the navigation pane on the left of the screen, and ensure 'Card Attribute Lookup' is turned on.

Image shows the Actions section within My Account in the navigation pane at the left. One of the options is "Card Attribute Lookup".

If you try to use Bank Card Control settings without Card Attribute Lookup, Secure Payments will display a notification with a link to turn it on.

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